"Educating Cops and Community"

The Ulster County Law Enforcement Training Group was created to help educate and train police officers and community members.  Its primary goal is to provide up-to-date training and educational resources to the local members of law enforcement as well as to provide a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement to the members of the public.  The group is a partnership with local law enforcement agencies and Ulster County Community College in an effort to better serve the community.

We offer New York State Division of Criminal Justice approved training to sworn police officers that spans from their initial Police Academy to such advanced courses as Police Crime Scene and Evidence Specialist Course.  Properly trained police officers are an asset to their community.  It is only through regularly updated training that officers most effectively protect and serve their communities.

In addition, we offer the Citizen's Police Academy on a regular basis.  This program is directed to civilian community members who want to get an inside look and gain a better understanding into the jobs, duties, and responsibilities of the men and women who police their neighborhoods and streets. 

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