Police Academy

The Police Academy program is offered in two ways.  For those who have been sworn in as police officers, DCJS mandates that they must complete their required training (Basic Course for Police Officers) within their first year of employment. This course is conducted as one continuous block of instruction made up of those areas approved by DCJS.  For the non-sworn personnel, we offer the Pre-Employment Police Basic Training Course. The Pre-employment Police Basic Training Course is a DCJS created and approved alternative to the conventional manner of conducting the Basic Course for Police Officers. The training is conducted in two phases. The first phase, pre-employment police basic training, may be attended by non-sworn personnel as well as appointed police officers. This first phase includes the vast majority of the instructional material in the Basic Course for Police Officers (BCPO). The second phase of training is presented only to sworn police officers pursuant to Title 9 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York Part 6020 (9 NYCRR 6020).

The Pre-Employment Police Basic Training Course is the first of the two-phase program that leads to a police officer obtaining a certificate from DCJS. The use of a two phase program was necessary to remain in compliance with provisions of the Penal Law of the State of New York that restrict the possession of weapons, specifically, handguns and police impact weapons and to exclude units not appropriate for non-sworn personnel.

Although the program does not guarantee admission into a police department, every standard required by a full-time basic police academy applies to this program, including physical fitness, para-military organizational development, attendance and academics.  Certified police general topics instructors teach all classes.   

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates receive a transcript and certificate indicating completion of Phase I of the Police Pre-Employment Basic Training. The certificate gives students two (2) years to secure employment in a police department and complete the Phase II portion of the training before being awarded a certificate from DCJS.

The Pre-Employment Police Basic Training Course is comprised of select units of the Basic Course for Police Officers (BCPO) curriculum. This is the only component of basic training that can be presented to non-sworn personnel. The remaining units of the BCPO (Phase Two) are presented to sworn police officers after their appointment. Phase Two units include; Counter-Terrorism for Recruit Police Officers, Firearms Training, Supervised Field Training Review and Orientation, Interpersonal Skills/Arrest Techniques use of actual impact devices, as well as two stand-alone courses called Breath Analysis Operator Course and Radar/Lidar Operator Course.

Registration for the Police Academy is completed through Ulster County Community College.  

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